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At Vidvi, we combine passion with work.

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Łukasz Dwulit


Experienced manager with an innovative e-commerce approach. Since 2019 r. Head of Global Expansion for Central Europe and Israel in AliExpress. Since 2020 r. Israel Chamber of Commerce member where he advises Israeli companies on how to enter foreign markets and platforms. In 2020 r. listed on “30 before 30.”

Sebastian DrygalskI


CEO Of high-tech company that built its distributed computing cloud and enabled its customers to launch dozens of fintech, social media, IoT, AI, and ML products. Sebastian ensured that these products have full technology, business, and investment support. He is also one of Fibaro’s creators. There he established and led mobile and AI departments.

Katarzyna Kajukało-Drygalska


Kasia takes care of all the details in the team and in Vidvi. She manages time-consuming things that, from the team’s point of view, just happen on their own, when in fact they go through her hands.

Marcin Biały

Business Development Manager

Marcin is an experienced manager in the area of business development – he analyzes the needs and challenges faced by clients, conducts sales processes and manages teams. Marcin is distinguished by a positive approach – he believes that there is always a space for conversation and searching for common good solutions.

Anna Tyrchan

Office Manager

As librarian should, Ania loves documents and books, but her heart beats stronger near IT industry. After hours of being passionate about project management and front end development, now she is ready to help with administrative matters. At free time she enjoys F1 races.

Agnieszka Wojtecka

Documentation and Settlements Specialist

Agnieszka is responsible for all the contracts and documents. She is happy to help with all types of settlements. You can always count on her support.

Jakub Bacic

Backend Lead/Co-founder

Jakub is a passionate software developer, Kubernetes lover and enthusiast of cloud-native solutions. He mostly works with Python but he’s not afraid of other technologies such as Golang or Dart (Flutter) or C#. During his free time, Jakub enjoys playing riichi mahjong as well as firing off a few rounds at the shooting range.

Dawid Smolski

Project Manager

Tech enthusiast with human in mind. Worked for various industries from automotive through medical to software. In daily work always looking for improvements to add value to the product or organization. After hours mountain bike lover.

Maciej Trębacz

Frontend Lead/Co-founder

Maciek is a software developer and as the name implies – he develops software. Maciek presses a few keys, and boom – the code is done. Maciek knows backend, frontend, SQL, Docker, and many other quirky words. After hours, Maciek passionately discusses topics with people, who are wrong on the Internet.

Marcin Szetela

UX/UI Designer

Passionate about topics related to graphic design, which he has been dealing with professionally for over 6 years. He loves creativity and aesthetics, and is also interested in Formula 1, the subject of space exploration and architecture.

Krzysztof Sinica

Lead Developer/Co-founder

A born optimist who loves outdated, but stable technologies, dynamically typed languages and challenges. The more obstacles and problems, the more he feels it’s the right challenge for him.


Mateusz Stankiewicz

Backend Developer

A researcher at heart, Mateusz likes to play with new, exciting technologies. In his day to day tasks he tries to make computers a little bit more intelligent using machine learning and neural networks. He is passionate about everything related to data. In the free time Mateusz learns to play piano.

Monika Reczuga

Frontend Developer

Before starting as Front-end Developer, Monika was honing her skills under the watchful eye of the best technical team in Poland, a team she now joined full time. Thirsty for knowledge, she takes advantage of every opportunity to develop her expertise. Vue.js enthusiast, it was love at first sight. In her free time she likes to wander in the swamps, but that’s a different story.

Adam Chraniuk

Frontend Developer

During the day Adam programs in JavaScript. His favorite framework is vue and recently he is a nodejs lover. A fan of From Software productions, on which he spent hundreds of hours.

Adam Korytowski

Backend Developer

Adam likes his Rubik’s Cubes and is very fond of his rubber ducky (with a Rubick’s Cube pattern!). Adam spends his free time creating math problems and then annoys people asking for solutions.

Aleksy Królczyk

Backend Developer

Passionate musician, PC gamer is his calling. He gets any rules of any board games fast, way too fast, waaaay too fast. It is said that he’s coding so quickly that no machine can keep up with displaying his typed characters, so he’s in constant need of a new, better computer.

Kamil Nowak

Backend Developer

Kamil is a self-taught results machine who has turned steel polishing into python code skills polishing. He lives by the principle “If You’re Standing Still, You’re Going Backwards”. He willingly helps others, and when he feels an inner need, he gives to charities as a mentor. Kamil loves adrenaline, especially on a Rugby field.


Senior DevOps Engineer

An expert in scalability, performance, cloud and traditional infrastructures. His work handles even the largest traffic, at the same time the degree of its automation relieves the rest of the developers. We like him for that!

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