10 tips for those who are just starting their adventure with live shopping.

The beginnings in any business can be difficult. It takes a long and bumpy road to come to perfection. If you are starting your adventure with live shopping, it is important to be well prepared for it. We have created a mini-guide for you, from which you will learn how to effectively sell live.

1. You have nothing to worry about.

Shops all over the world successfully sell their assortment in the format of live shopping, deriving above-average profits. This solution is attractive not only for customers, but also for e-commerce retailers. Stream is a combination of an entertainment show and real-time shopping. Trying clothes, creating styles, discussing trends – all this makes live shopping a huge dose of emotions. It is also a great opportunity to build customer-brand relationships and interact directly with customers. Many companies successfully operate in the live shopping model, it is also a great opportunity to develop your business.

2. Stand out!

You should not follow the beaten paths, but look for unconventional ideas for live shopping. You can draw inspiration from a variety of sources, but creativity is key to success. But how to stand out from the competition? Expert knowledge and high quality of the presented materials will certainly help you break through the e-commerce market. It is worth considering that a permanent point of the program should always be a characteristic element that will be the hallmark. It can be an interesting background, a creative competition or a Q&A block. Users can quickly unmask the artificial message, so you can’t try to be original by force. However, you can find something that will distinguish our relations from the competition and attract a group of loyal customers. Mary Lou Cook said, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” It’s hard to disagree with this, because a creative approach in business is the key to success.

3. Unique occasions only for participants of the Live Shopping streams.

Live shopping is a perfect space to give users special conditions, such as: free delivery, special freebies or discounts available only during broadcasts. Customers will surely appreciate this type of activity and will participate in the event with commitment. You can also think of a limited promotion dedicated to a certain number of people who, for example, will buy a given product first. Such activities will definitely have a positive impact on the users, who expect a bit of competition, show elements and entertainment during a stream. Customers want to feel special, discounts and special occasions will help you to achieve this goal, what will provide them to make their purchasing decision faster.

4. Searching for inspiration, expanding knowledge and observing competition.

It is very important to constantly improve your skills. Live shopping is a tool that offers many possibilities, but we must be determined to be effective in this model. Expanding knowledge is essential in this area because e-commerce is still evolving. The dynamic development of e-commerce requires all players to be able to catch the leading trends. It is also important to constantly analyze and draw conclusions from subsequent sales lives, which are an opportunity for continuous improvement. It is worth looking for inspiration in places such as specialized blogs, trade press and thematic podcasts.

5. Customer-centric approach as the basis for building relationships on the Internet.

Online broadcasting is a great opportunity to build user relationships. Knowing the needs, expectations and habits of the online audience allows you to create valuable content for your brand’s customers. The feedback received from them after the sales relationship helps to better match the offer to consumers. Knowing what users expect helps companies to better understand their expectations and enables them to quickly adapt to market needs. During the live sales, you should ask participants questions and respond to comments. In this way, the brand engages customers in the process of creating and operating the company. At the very beginning of the sales report, it can be emphasized that we care about the opinion of our viewers and encourage them to ask questions and actively participate in the event.

6. Make your offer attractive and unique.

Customers are looking for unique shopping experiences. The competition is fierce, so our offer should be unique. The presented assortment should be in line with current trends, and the individual products should somehow correspond with each other. In the case of the fashion industry, during the sales relationship, you can show individual pieces of clothing that will create a coherent stylization as a whole. If we have high temperatures outside, and the holiday season is also here, then it is worth showing off the perfect holiday styling: airy dress, a boho-style basket, strappy sandals and interesting accessories. In the case of the cosmetics industry, you can present a thematic must-have for summer days: sunscreen, sunscreen, cooling lotion, etc.

7. Get to know the habits of fans of your brand.

Information on sales peaks can be found in Google Analytics. If customers most often shop, e.g. on Saturday afternoon, it is a signal for us that they have time then and it is worth doing a live sale just on this date. You can directly ask your fans on social media which broadcast day suits them best. Thanks to this, we will plan the sales relationship at a time that will be the best for our fans.

8. Promotion of the event.

Are you organizing a sales event and want it to be loud? Start promoting the event to brand fans. Social media is a great place to spread information about the planned event. Interest can be built through interesting graphics promoting live sales, a short video from the previous event or an announcement of attractions that await participants. From time to time you can remind customers about the planned event, through messages such as “The long-awaited event will take place soon”, “Remember that today at “x” the live sales will start”, etc. In the description of the event, include all the necessary information : exact date, schedule, additional attractions etc. Most customers appreciate regularity and predictability, which is why it is best to organize sales events cyclically, i.e. on specific days and at fixed times. Regular meetings will certainly have a better effect on our clients than chaos and disorganization.

9. Who should the transmission be entrusted to?

A positive attitude is already half the battle. The host of the program should arouse positive emotions in customers. The facilitator should be able to talk about the presented products in an exciting way, because this form encourages the participants to interact. Customers like the natural and unforced way of presenting the assortment, and even the smallest form of falsehood is quickly noticed by them. The host should be distinguished by self-confidence, charisma and a sense of humor. The choice of the lecturer is an individual matter, you can bet on a well-known influencer, charismatic speaker or just take the reins yourself. Online transmission cannot be too rigid, so the lifestyle character of the presentation will work best. Live shopping should be consistent, natural, but with an emphasis on entertainment.

10. Take care of all the smallest details before going live

Online broadcasting is live, so no replay is possible. Therefore, you should prepare in advance in terms of technical aspects so that nothing surprises us during the broadcast. Adequate picture and sound quality are the most important components of a successful online event. Live shopping is to bring customers closer to what is offered by brick-and-mortar stores. Viewers want to see a given product in natural colors and be able to view it from different angles. Before starting the report, you should check the technical condition of the equipment. It is true that live shopping in its nature is unpredictable, but some stressful situations can be avoided. It is the sum of these small elements that determines the final outcome of the sales relationship.

We have presented you with only a few ways to make your entry into the world of live commerce as successful as possible. Preparation of the event requires substantive knowledge, practice, but also the willingness to reach for unconventional solutions. We react to changing market challenges on an ongoing basis, and we treat live shopping as something that can take your e-business to a higher level. We provide support at every stage of cooperation. On our blog, we share our expert knowledge and experience.

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